What is car detailing?


"The act or process of thoroughly cleaning a car in an attempt to make it look new."



How long do your services take?


The time it takes for any service depends upon the size/type of vehicle and up keep.


Executive Wash: Typically takes 45-60 minutes


Wash & Wax: Typically takes 1-2 hours


Wash & Interior Detail: Typically takes 2-3 hours


Executive Detail: Typically takes 3-5 hours



Do I need to remove belongings from my vehicle?


Yes. Please remove all belongings from your vehicle, including the trunk and the side door storage compartments.



What does claybar do?


Claybar is an essential detailing tool, it removes fallout from the atmosphere, rail dust, tree sap and any other contaminants from the cars surface leaving it with a smooth to touch finish.



How often should I get my car washed?


It is recommended that you have your car washed every one to two weeks.



Is a hand wash better than an automated car wash? Why?


Yes, a hand wash is superior to an automated car wash. Automated car washes may leave dirt and swirl marks on your vehicle and it may also remove protectant wax and sealants from the car.



How often should I get my car waxed?


Every four to six weeks. It is recommended that you get your car waxed at least every four to six weeks to help protect the paint from the UV rays of the Florida sun.



How often should I get my car detailed?


It is recommended to get your car detailed at least twice a year; details may be needed more frequently due to multiple passengers, children, pets and haulings which dirty the interior or your vehicle.



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